Automated Reminders

  • Employee daysheets
  • Customer SMS reminders
  • Repeat servicing setup

Your employees can get their activity sheets or “run sheets” for the next working day or week sent to them automatically via email or SMS at a pre set time of your choosing. This eliminates the need for employees to attend your office before the start of every day to pick this information up, reducing travel and fuel costs and increasing productivity. Your customers will appreciate getting a customised SMS message sent to their mobile phone reminding them of your scheduled visit and service the day before the visit or at a time of your choosing, what ever works for your business. This drastically reduces “no shows” and down time giving all parties adequate time to change appointment times or services. We recognise the need for repeat services at pre arranged times to suit your business and your customers requirements. These can all be forward booked in bulk or individually ensuring no service is missed out or dropped.This is also a valuable tool when servicing specific components for warranty purposes etc, allowing you to forward plan with accuracy and confidence.