Built In Fail-safes

  • Auto prompts
  • Reminder pop ups
  • Auto back ups
Built In Fail Safes

Our intuitive program has many built in fail safes to keep you on the right track. You can not create an activity or job without entering a property or site where the job is to be carried out, even “in-house” jobs are included. Once the job has been created our program prompts you to create or enter a customer to invoice for the activity. Thus cleverly creating the perfect “paper trail” for all work and activities so no job or activity goes un-invoiced unless you request it. Staff members can create reminders for them selves or any other staff member and customise them to “pop up” on any preferred day and time. These can also be set to actioned  by the intended staff member before a specified date and time or an alert will be generated to you or your manager.  Our smart system automatically backs up your data at a pre set day and time and stored in-house or remotely according to your requirements.